Thursday, April 12, 2018

Journal Entry #24: A woman that prays

Today, I learned about prayer. Prayer should be a part of every Christians' life. I hope to incorporate prayer into every aspect of my life.  A time in which I confess, offer praises and thanks to Your name. "A woman that prays daily."                                                                              6.25.11

My one desire is to be a woman of prayer.

I remember my first prayer request was that I would become a Christian, for God to tell my dad I loved him (he died when I young) and that I would move to New York. At that time, I was eight years old. I prayed with confidence, there was no doubt in my mind that God did not hear me. Then fast forward to middle and high school, I began to write out my prayers and set a time to pray for my family and friends. When I entered college, I would write my prayers to God daily. Even now, I still write my prayers in journals (for the last 10 years) and have a prayer board. Each day I would have a specific thing to pray for, for example on Sundays I pray for my church, on Mondays for family and co-workers, Tuesdays for inner cities, Wednesdays for world issues, Thursdays for brothers and sisters in Christ, Fridays for the President/world leaders and on Saturdays for myself.  I am currently a part of a Prayer and Compassion team in my church. I enjoy praying for others and using God's word to encourage others. 

When I look back at my journals, I can't help but see how I have grown and seen God's faithfulness. My journals have allowed me to see that God does listen to our prayers. Also, that the Christian walk is not perfect, there are moments of joy, and times of struggles and trials. One thing I am enjoying about journaling my prayers is seeing how God has sustained me as I have moments of fear and trouble.

What is one desire you have as a Christian?

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