Thursday, July 02, 2015

My Freedom: Independence Day Inspiration

Independence Day is right around the corner and everyone will be celebrating with cook-outs and fireworks. With this holiday coming up, What does freedom/independence mean to you? In my personal life there were many different chapters in my life, where I felt I was becoming independent, my true self and embracing freedom and independence.  My childhood and adolescents years were fill with me always being afraid to be myself and being more concern about what others thought of me. Now as an adult, I am not afraid to be myself, not afraid to let others see me as an creative person who loves photography, helping others and a person who does not want to limit herself based on what lies told as a child.

I am FREE to be:
A Christian, who worships God and reads the Bible.
A photographer, taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do. 
A social worker, who goes beyond what is expected in order to help someone else become independent and live the best lives they can live.
A business women, who is empowered and have self-confidence.

What does Independence/freedom mean to you?

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