Tuesday, March 31, 2015

One Year Ago, Today.....

I am happy to say it's been a year I have worked at Philadelphia Corporation for Aging. I am so thankful for this job. Last year was a tough, but God was with me then and now. He blesses me in ways I can't explain.

Here is my journal entry from last year:

Abba, my strength, my refuge and my provider. I want to give thanks to Your Holy Name...Today was my first day at P.C. A, a job working with the elderly and people with disabilities. Today was a great day. I am still shock that You gave me this job. It is only by Your grace and mercy...I know that You are involved in every aspect of my life, so me getting a position at P.C.A is not out of Your control. I pray that everyday with by my duties as a service coordinator, how I interact with my co-workers and my consumers that I will think of You and being used for Your glory..Use me and shine through me. I ask in Christ Name, Amen. 

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