Tuesday, September 16, 2014

16: Most People Don't Know This But......

Today's Prompt:  "Most people don't know this but..."

I struggle with letting people in my life. I like to protect myself from hurt and disappointments

It takes awhile for me to get to know other people. Please don't take my quietness as me not wanting to get to know you.

I struggle throughout school. I was told that I would never make it to college, majoring in social work. But I have made the deans list and was a A student in my social work classes. I also have a Masters Social Work. 

I do not like watermelon. I know most people do but I do not like the taste of watermelon.

Since moving to Philly, I am afraid of the dark. I am not sure why.

I played the piano and clarinet in middle and high school.

I really want to travel to Rome one day.

I love Photography but I do not like it when people take pictures of me without my permission. 

I can read Spanish and understand Spanish when spoken but I cannot carry a long conversation in Spanish. 

What about you? What are some things people do not know about you?

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Melissa Hopper said...

I would probably be scared of the dark if I moved to philly. All the stories you hear. I do not let many people in either. I am a behind the computer screen type person all the way. I used to be a social butterfly but I have become a hermit of sorts and I dont have a tolerance of stupid people and there seems to be a ton of them out there.

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