Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Journal Entry # 9 -Life is Unknown.

Abba, Good morning. I hear the birds this morning and they are beautiful. Your love is beautiful. I cannot believe how much You love us. I cannot help but think, time and time I have failed such a sinner saved by Your grace. I ask that You please make me new, wash me, free up my mind and heart of things that will not bring glory to Your name. I ask for grace in my life, that your lead my life and take control. I am young and I am clueless about the future. But You, God I rest in, my provider, and my strength. I love You so much.

I wrote this in college in NY and now I live in Philadelphia. There are struggles in my life now that I am going through. I have cried and felt frustrated but one thing I am sure about is my God. He is my strength and refuge. I don't know what is next in my life and when this storm in my life will be over but God is faithful no matter what I go through, it is good to know that God is still in control and His eyes are on me.

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