Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Facebook? The New Find my Lost Loved One Search Engine.

Facebook has more than 750 million active members and average person has 130 friends. With all those people I am sure that someone could find a lost loved one. Well, I am one of those people that have seen the benefits of Facebook. I am very thankful to I have reconnected with my younger sister and older brother. It is amazing, they found me on Facebook.  It was after my father passed away when I was eight that I lost contact with my brother and sister. They are well and doing great things in their life. In total I have two sisters and three brothers. It feels great to know where all my brothers and sisters live. I can't wait for the moment in which I get to see them in person. I am very thankful that I can start to build a relationship with my siblings. I know my father would want that.


May said...

I'm so glad you found your siblings on facebook. What about your mother if you don't mind, just being curious. As for me facebook has really helped me in connecting with some old time school mates i thought i would never see again. And i have met some positive minded mothers on facebook too.

Asia said...

Thanks for the comment! I do know my mother. With her I have two brothers and sister.

Seleema Miller said...

Hi Asia, I came over from SITS. I'm a new SITStah and thought I would introduce myself.

Yes fb is a greater connector. I am so happy you were able to reconnect with your siblings. Now you can be at peace. God bless and take care.

- Seleema

Julia said...

That's awesome. I hope you do get to meet them in person someday - sooner than later. Thanks for visiting from the Monday blog hop. I've returned the follow!

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