Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 24- Something that makes you cry

I hate to hear stories of children that have been abused in anyway. I can never understand how someone could hurt a child. As I watch tv, I hear of stories of mothers putting their newborn in mircrowaves and a father beating their 3 month old baby to death. Stories like that make me cry and hurt me so much. I guess as a future social worker, I should get use to hearing stoires like this since I will be working with children and families. I just hate to know or see anyone hurt a child. I just pray for the parents and people who hurt children.


Feliz4life said...

I understand how you feel. And you will definitley have to balance having tough skin and a soft heart. but what you are doing is so needed. Much prayer is absolutely needed

Anonymous said...

My english is not so good for explaining you what I want, but I agree with you, you are right. I can`t stand adults abusing of our babies, is against the Law`s God.

I hope you understand what I mean. I`m Dominican and i told you my englih in not so good. Go ahead doing that, there are people which are with you.

Write me back to for knowing you read my message.
Take care!

MOMSWEB said...

My younger sister works with crime victims and I don't know how she listens to such horrific stories day after day, but God prepared her as He is preparing you. You definitely have to have an extra layer of skin, yet still remain compassionate. Blessings to you!

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