Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Vacation is Over...Back at College

Summer 2010
I feel that this winter break went slow. It is my last year at my current college and I am not sure about how I feel about this being my last year. It seems went by so slow and had its ups and downs. I am thankful that I got this far because I really did not know most days how it would work out. I look forward to this semester because it almost coming to an end. I am praying that this semester want be stressful but I will be relax and accomplish all I need to get done for the Spring semester. I pray that I will grow as I internship at an agency for families, meet new friends and enjoy time with the friends I have now. I pray that I will trust God in the direction He would have for me.


Ruth said...

Hi Asia, thanks for stopping by my place. I just noticed that you are following my blog. So i came by to thank you, return the favour and follow back.

You have a beautiful blog. It's so nice to meet new friends and learn of each other. I hope you'd come back to my place often..:)

I understand what you feel... sometimes things seem to go way too slow. But our God is mindful and when we trust in His Name, nothing ever happens to us by accident. Will be praying for God's clear direction for you.


Marshall Lynch said...

what a very beautiful flower.
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