Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day- 11 Your Siblings

Brother 1
I have a lot of memories of it just being us two growing up in Missouri. The best memory is when it was Christmas (we were 7 and 8). We had had so many presents to open that I myself fell asleep. Though I am older than him, he calls me big little sister. My brother is taller than me but I am still the oldest. I love it when he picks me up every time he sees me after I come home from college vacation.

Brother 2
My second brother I get along well with. I think we are a lot of alike when it come to our personality. One thing I love about him is his eating habits. My brother loves to eat, he could eat more than 6 hot dogs for dinner. He loves to play video games (like all teen boys) with his friends.

Sister 1
I remember as a young girl going over her house to visit my little sister. My dad would take over her moms house for a day and I would play with her. When my family moved to NY, I lost contact with her for more the 12 years. I would always pray to God that I would be able to reconnect when my sister. In the year of 2008, is when on facebook my sister request to be my friend. After confirming that we were sisters, I am very thankful to know about my sister.

Sister 2
My little sister is twelve and loves to be with her friends. I know from my social work (study on adolescents), that girls her age rather be with her friends. She loves to play the Wii games and watch movies. As of right now her favorite TV show is The Game.


Janet said...

Hi Asia,

Thanks for visiting my blogs and thanks for following my travel blog, too.


More Than Words said...

Aww!! That was so sweet to read about your siblings!! And I love how you and your sister were able to reconnect!!! FB is great for that!

More Than Words said...

Oh..and I love your new layout!

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