Thursday, October 14, 2010

True Woman Movement- Chapter Nine

This is the last chapter of the book and I am glad to say I have learned a lot. This book put in me a hope and desire to be a woman of God, that trust, walks in Truth, that surrenders to Him, that prays, and live love and know Him.

My Prayer:

Abba, I can't believe that I am Your child. My sin separated me from You but now I am Yours because of Christ sacrifice. Thank You for saving someone like me who is unworthy of Your love. I live in a world that lives for themselves. My prayer is that I would live for You, that You would be the center of my life. When people choose to follow that ways of this world, I want to choose You. My desire is to know You, to be pure, and guard my heart. I am content at where I am as a single woman. I trust in You, no matter your will for me to be married or not. I want to serve You without distraction. I can't see the future or do I understand all things, but I trust You. Help to live everyday as if it is my last, to honor and glorify You in this life. I pray, Amen.

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