Sunday, October 10, 2010

True Woman Movement--Chapter Five

Hannah's Story:
When I think of Hannah's story, I am encouraged to trust God. I absolutely love Hannah for trusting God when she was constantly "teased" by her rival Peninnah. Trust was a struggling issues for me because of past hurts and disappointments.

Sometimes in life, we are put into situations that we do not understand and we can get upset and become angry. Instead of trusting to God for help, we might choose to handle the situation ourselves, thus becoming more frustrated and angry.

Hannah was a woman that went to God with her worries, she cried out to God about what was on her heart. And when God answered her prayers for a child she praised Him and kept her vow of giving back her child to the Lord. I pray that we all will trust in the Lord no matter what the situation, our God knows what He is doing, He is Faithful and our Provider.

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