Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tonight I'm Exhausted

This is the third week of school and I am really tried. So far, I have been through all of my classes and have enjoyed them. All the classes I am in is related to my social work major. This semester I have to do a lot of reflection in journal assignments. I think it is awesome to be able to write out what I am learning and observing. I am really enjoying my internship at Head Start. This week I called a lot of parents to set up appointments for me to do home visits.  I can't believe it that I will be meeting parents to do a assessment of their family. Tomorrow, I will start home visits and I look forward to what I can learn about the families I will meet. Pray that God will continue to direct me in this new journey and direct me to what area of social work, He will have me to work in. Pray that I will not let my busyiness to get me off track with school work and spending time with God.

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