Monday, July 12, 2010

True Woman Movement--Chapter Two

God knows everything about everything---He is all-knowing---He is unsearchable---He is inscrutable---He is inexhaustible

What a God we serve!!! As I continue to get to know and spend time with Him, I am getting to how powerful and awesome He is. I must remind myself of who He is, because I know I quickly forget about the God I serve. My God knows everything about everything; there is nothing that He does not know.
I use to worry about the future and what could happen next. I  realized that it was me, wanting to have control over everything, truth is, I can't control everything and I don't know "everything about everything."

When we, began to know the God we serve, we start to realize that He is able to carry us through whatever will come our way, Instead of worrying about everything or wanting to know everything, we should trust in the Creator of this universe. There is no need to question the Creator about, "if He knows what He is doing". We might not understand what He is doing, but we have to trust that He knows what He is doing.

What is a true woman?

1. She lives a God-centered life--she embrace what God has called her to be, embrace the purpose for her creation as a woman. God is the center of her world. She lives to bring glory and honor to His Name.

2. She trust in God-- trusting in Him about the future and not fretting at what is to come in the future. Trusting in Him, who is the Creator of the universe. Knowing that what God is doing is for her good.

3. She says "yes Lord"--Surrendering all to the Lord. She knows her life is not her own. There is full obedience from her and submission.

My prayer is that I will become a woman who lives a God-center life, trust in Him completely and says "yes Lord" and not to question His knowledge. I am not perfect, but I pray that everyday as I spend time with Him and growing Him, I will become more and more like Him. I want to live for Him, glory and honor to His Name.


More Than Words said...

What a great post!!! This is also my desire as a woman!

Catherine said...

Amen! This is my prayer too. :) Wasn't that a great chapter?


Asia said...

Yes, Catherine it was a great chapter

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