Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To all the father's in the world. I want thank you all for taking care of your families; being a provider and protector. This day is sometimes is hard for me because I don't have my dad in my life since he passed away with prostate cancer when I was eight. I decide to post some memories I had with him:

1) I remember for Halloween him coming in my room to scare me...I thought it was so funny because I knew it was my dad
2) I remember him teaching me how to ride my pink bike....He was patient with me as he taught me
3) My dad had this white Cadillac and to me I thought it was the most beautiful car and it was so clean. I loved that he would take me places in his car.
4) I loved it when he would take me places like McDonald's
5) Though I don't remember, I saw a picture of him and I  dancing together at a wedding. I thought it was so cool to see that picture.

I can't lie I still miss my dad. But I do have an Heavenly Father, that I see as my ABBA. I remember when I was younger, I would pray that I would have a "father and daughter" relationship with Him. I my ABBA to protect me, to love me, to teach me.....I just want to continue my relationship with Him. I thank ABBA for being my Father and always
being with me. I love Him and thank Him for all things.


More Than Words said...

What a beautiful tribute to your father. I know that Father's Day can be very bittersweet for many people. But, yes, we do have our Heavenly Father, and He is everything and more than we could ever want!

Misstarii said...

A beautiful tribute indeed. Keep holding on to the memories and knowing that God is there for you

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