Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Summer Internship

I am going to do my summer internship at a social service agency. I having been searching the Internet to find places to intern. I know that I want to work with children and after doing my search I also want to work with girls and women. My social work  class called Human Behavior, looks at the behavior of infants all the way to the behavior of people in their late adulthood. I have been doing my reports on adolescent girls and on Friday, I will have a project due on Latina women and domestic violence. I think this class has taught me a lot about people and how to better help those who will need help.

But here are my choices of social services, the Child Abuse Prevention Center, My Sister's Place and YWCA. All these agencies help women to better take care of their child, and help women who have been abused. Today, at 12pm I have my first interview at Child Abuse Prevention Center and I am a little nervous. If they accept me to do my internship with them this summer, I will be making home visits and working with social workers. I am just praying and asking God to be with me today.

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