Monday, October 26, 2009

Bible Verse

Psalm 125:1

Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever.


staff writer said...

and mount zion is HUGE, girl. not to mention what mount zion signifies ... the grace of Christ.

those who trust in the Lord will not be shaken. that's a PROMISE.

don't be shaken, asia. take all the trust you have in your mind and heart and spirit ... and cast it to the Lord. He'll receive that trust and honor it.

He's not ashamed of you, asia. He knows your weaknesses, He knows how satan is trying to destroy you, He knows your victories and failures, He knows every thought that enters your mind. but He also knows that LLOOONNNGGGG before you even had time to fall into your own issues and weaknesses, HE STRETCHED OUT HIS ARMS to take your penalty. there's no shame. He just wants people who will WALK with Him, asia. who will be REAL with Him, since He knows all things anyway. He wants you to communicate with Him even to admit you're bitter against Him for things He allowed to happen. He wants YOU. not your duties, your devotional time, your grace before meals, your witnessing. just YOU.

all the Lord is saying right now, asia, is "abide in Me."

disconnected, you can do nothing, sis. absolutely nothing.

asia, you're not just floating around this life with no adversary, sis. you have been purchased with a high price, and now, you're living in an existence where you have BOTH an all-powerful Friend AND a wicked enemy.

is true life in Christ worth fighting for?

is clinging to Him daily and living a life literally KNOWING the God of the universe worth it?

read 2 peter 1:3 and then ephesians 6. not only does God love you so much He's given you EVERYTHING you will need in this life ... He's also given you the secret of fighting this wicked enemy, by His own power. the enemy sees a gorgeous, talented chick who is going to yank sooooo many souls from his grip. OF COURSE he's attacking your mind!

the question is, is Christ worth you clinging to Him through it all and coming out victorious?

i know He is to you, asia. i know you love Him (in spite of the wicked words satan feeds you, telling you you really don't love Him).

trust in the Lord. you won't be shaken. you're wrapping your arms around the only One in this sick world who is eternal.



Asia said...

Wow, I did not know that about Mount Zion. I was lookingf thorugh the Psalms yesterday to help and give me encouragement. Thanks for your comments and encouragement. Thanks for telling me that "he not ashamed of me" I feel he is and that he's far off from me. Sometimes I wonder if I'll be in this state of mind forever.But I will remember your words. Thanks Eva.

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