Monday, February 16, 2009

Red's Chameleon Eyes

I wrote this poem about my dads death for my College Writing Class

It was 1995 when you lived in Kansas City
I was eight and you were twenty-eight
The heat felt like a raging sun,
You took me to Sonic
And I ate cookies and crème.

Your name was Joe but everyone called you "Red"
Your skin was like caramel ice cream
Your eyes were brown
But sometimes they changed colors
like a chameleons.

On weekends you took me to Mickie D's
in your white Cadillac. You taught me how to
ride my pink Barbie bike
I felt like Princess Jasmine.

We spent July in Truman Hospital
The doctors said "you’re not getting better"
I stood with my head down
Against the off color yellow wall

I remember your last night
You pulled plastic straws out of your nose
Later that night Porsha told me you’re dead
Around the living room with my head down I walk eight times
Tiara and Porsha were crying
I finally went to my room and buried my head in tweety bird

I remember sitting on the rugged church pews
You were in a brown casket wearing a white suit
Porsha was crying
Your sister was running and screaming
There was a blue jay in the window
My mom was holding my hands
As we walked to view your body
I push up on my tippy toes to kiss you goodbye

We drove home in your Cadillac
There was a dead robin on the front steps
I cried all night on moms lap

On your birthday, I had a dream
Of dead birds falling,
Thunder storms and clouds
Swallow your body
It seemed like the sun
Would never to shine again


Elspeth said...

So, you're a poet, too?

Beautiful paternal tribute. So sorry for your loss. Though I know mcuh time has passed, I'm sure you think of him every day.

Asia said...

Thanks, I wouldn't say I am a poet.And yes I do think of my dad and I miss him. I wish there was more time with him. But I thank God for the time we had together.

Susie said...

I'm sure you miss your dad a lot. I'm sorry for your loss.
God Bless!

Rachel M. said...

WOW, Asia, this is your sis Rachel. What a beautiful poem, I'm very impressed, I could picture all the details clearly, as if watching a movie, how moving this is, sis...Bless you, Asia.

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