Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!

ABBA, I love You so much. You are my love and there is no greater love than Yours. Thank You for everything. I pray that I will fall deeply in love with You everyday.

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Little House in the Desert said...

What a wonderful prayer! I found your blog when I was trying to google the verse from Phil. that you posted on Feb 1st--how wonderful to stumble upon a fellow sister's blog site! Reading your blog reminds me of my college days (it wasn't that long ago--only 4 years ago but it feels like forever!) and how often I prayed that God would fill me completely and that I would desire nothing else. I remember memorizing Ps 42 and making it my prayer..."As the deer pants for the water brooks, So pants my soul for You, O God." ...Wondering if God would ever have me marry (or was I called to be celibate?!) I prayed that I would be satisfied in him alone no matter where he led me. I look back and wonder what I would have said if someone would have told me that in only 4 short years I'd be married with 3 children! (yep--that's basically one kid a year!) God is so good and I am so glad He didn't answer so many of my prayers because He knew my heart better than I knew my own! "Thy will be done..." what a powerful prayer!
I know this is such a long comment but I have to also say I LOVE your pictures of campus! The one you have on top could be a Thomas Kinkade painting! And your header verse is one that my 3 yr. old and I recently memorized with Hermie's Scripture memory songs! I also love way of the master, what a great tool, and I loved your link to the modest clothing website--I didn't even know there was anything like that now a days! it is so hard to find clothes that are modest--thanks for that link! May God bless you so abundantly and we both be used by Him to bring Him glory!
In Christ, Pauline

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