Sunday, September 07, 2008

Legacy Conference

I recently went to the Legacy Disciple Conference in Chicago, Illinois and it was one of the best things I went to. I remember the first time I went, it was also AMAZING and overwhelming. Well this year I went to the biblical womanhood workshop and it was truly a blessing. I learn so much in that class. This conference has encourage me to continue to spend time with the Lord and trust him in everything. They had three lovely women to come talk to us and basically taught us that:

Godly Women:
-We as godly women have to be connected with God
-Wake up early in the morning to seek His face
-She must be discipline, Self control, Work diligent, Committed to excellence,
-Must to dedicated, Know who she is in Christ.
-To trained into becoming that biblical woman
-Should be fasting
-As sisters in the Faith we should be listening to each other, pouring into one another.
-Memorizing scriptures

Note to those who are married:
Godly Wife is:
-Lowly in heart (doesn't need to have the last word)
-Pure (protect what is being seen by her)
-Virtuous, Respectful,
-Speak highly of her husband
-Have inward beauty,Gentle and Quite spirit
-Confident in God

Godly Wife does:
-What she does is define by God not the world
-Has time with her husband, her husbands helper
-Submission, Respectful

Godly Wife Accomplishes:
-Has trust of her husband
-Blesses her children

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