Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back to College!!!!

I just want to first start off this post just thanking God, for another school year and helping my mom pay for college. Today was the first day of classes and it was so exciting. I am a Social Work major so I am taking Intro into Social Work Profession also including, Spanish, New Testament, Info. Literacy, World Civ. 2, and Human Biology. I am so excited about Spanish and NT.

An interesting thing happen today in my New Testament class, we talk about 1Tim 2:16 (I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.) And MAN!!!, I must say you should have seen the faces of the girls and heard the response from them. They were surprise that the Bible would say that women cannot teach (pastor) in the church or even have authority over men. But I kind of knew that people in my class would respond the way they did because many of those ladies don't know the roles God has given us as women. So many people look at that verse and say "well that verse is old". But I differ with that comment. I know what God calls His women to be and in saying that I see NOTHING WRONG with me as a wife and mother (soon too be, God willing) staying home teaching my children and being a helper to my husband. I ABSOLUTELY love my role as a woman. What an honor!!!!

Here is the sunrise outside my window the morning (nothing like waking up early to spend time with the Lord and looking outside seeing a beautiful sunrise.

Side Note: I am so sorry that I have not been updating my blog, please forgive me. Look forward for the following:
"Godly Women from The Past" post to come (3 post to go!!!)
Legacy Conference
Marriage and Having a Family


staff writer said...

I LOVE your perspective, Asia! It's not about what "women can't do," it's about the amazing role God HAS given women ... a role without which whole societies are in trouble!

Oh, and the sunrise is gorgeous! God is glorious!



Rachael Moultrie said...

What a beautiful blog. Oh boy wait to your uncle Tiger and Aunt Brenda reads this blog what a conversation they will have. I Love You; I wish I could have seen that sun rise with you. Have a great time at School.
Love Always,

Meredith Ivy said...

Great thoughts, Asia. I agree completely. I hope your first semester back at school goes very well!

:)De said...

May God richly bless your upcoming school year. I got my first BA in Social Work and loved, loved, loved the courses for that degree.
BTW...found you over at "He Ya'll" and thought I would drop by. Nice to "meet" you.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha there faces where probably all of the expressions of DOH!..LOL Praise God for opening our eyes to the truth! chea'


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