Sunday, August 03, 2008

There Is Nothing Like Family

This week I lost my grandfather back home in Missouri and it has been very sad for me and my family. I visit my family in Missouri and it was just great to see all my family members. Being in Missouri has taught me a lot about the importance in being with family. I did not realize until now that it has been four years since I have visit my hometown Kansas City, Missouri. When I was in Kansas City it shown me how much I miss home. When I was in college I was hardly calling my godmother, aunties, uncles, and cousins. When I came back to New York I felt pretty sad because I let four years go by without visiting my family back home. It was nice to see everyone and I just pray to the Lord that I will have more opportunities to visit them. I love my whole family and I thank God for every last one of them.

Here are some of the pictures that I took back home:

I would like to dedicate this post to my grandfather who past away this past week. He will be miss by everyone who knows him. He was the best grandpa. I just ask that you all keep my family in prayers. I pray that my family will be okay and know that everything will be just fine. I pray that they will trust in the Creator of all things.


Anonymous said...

This is asia auntie Kisha and Harley Brown is my father.I will miss him very much, he was a wonderful man and he will be well missed always loved but never forgotten. I LOVE U DADDY and I LOVE U ASIA always rember that.

Elspeth said...

So sorry to hear about your grandfather.

Anonymous said...

Asia i wanted you to know that i was blessed by yuor being here and i really wanted to tell you that i am so proud of you and that i see the women that you are becomming and it is wonderful to see you come ont in to the world such a strong and brilliant young lady.i also wanted to tell you that ray and marquise love you they are so impressed by you. i just can not say enough about you i am so so so so so so proud of you . i love you i do.

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