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Godly Women From The Past ( AMY CARMICHAEL Part 1)



Date of Birth: December 16 1867January 18 1951

Amy was born in a small village in Ireland, her partents were Presbyterians. She suffer from a disease called neuralgia in which made her body weak and achy. This disease would have her in beds for weeks. At the Keswick Covention, Amy heard a speaker talk about missionnary work and from then on she knew she called to do missions work.

At a young age Amy would pray that God would change her eye colour from brown to blue. But unfortunate it never happen. But as she got older, Amy realize that her brown eyes would gain acceptance by the Indians who have brown eyes.

Amy started a prayer group with poor factory girls. Though some people did not want anything with these girls, Amy saw something in them and she wanted to reach out to the girls about Christ Jesus.

Work in India

There were many young girls that were dictate to gods and prostitution to earn money for their presets. Amy work with these young ladies and some of them were saved from prostitution. Amy soon found an organization known as the Dohnavur Fellowship and the fellowship has become a home to thousands of children in worst situations.

Amy would refuse to return the children and when the authorities found out what she was doing, she was arrested. for seven years.

Even through all of this and her disease, Amy continue to reach out to people about Christ Jesus.
Lasts Days:

In 1931 she was injured in a fall and before her death she asked that a inscription called "Amma" be on her stone.

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