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Godly Women From The Past (Mary Slessor Part 1)

Introducing . . . . . . .


Date of Birth: December 2, 1848-January 13, 1915

Early Life:
Mary was born in Aberdeen but at the age of 11 years old her family move to Dundee looking for work. Mary mother was the one that made sure that she went to church and a worker at a mill.

Soon this young woman would develop a interest in Christianity and joining a local mission teaching the poor. She was a very courageous women and a story to prove this was when she dared a gang of boys to swing a metal close to her face. Mary did not move at all and the boys had to attend her Sunday school.

Mary is known by those who know her to have a soft voice and loving heart.

In the year of 1876, she applied to the Foreign Mission Broad of the United Presbyterian Church of Scotland. She was trained and the sent to Calabar. At this time Nigeria was in turmoil, slave trade and many disease was among the the missionaries. Mary herself suffer from the flu and malaria.

She lived among the people and that shock many missionaries. She learn to speak Efik fluently,
and Mary also adopted many children that were consider to be a cursed and many of these children had been scarified.

She cared for the people of Africa that she walk as long as she could to preach the gospel. And this woman would wake up early in the morning asking the Lord to use her in Africa

A moment to remember:

In the village of Ibaka there were some wives that went out to visit a man but was seen. They were in trouble and the chief said for this crime they should be get one hundred lashes with a whip. But Mary said that was too harsh and that people could die from 100 lashes. This woman was bold and said to these women that they should all be shamed and said wives should remain pure and that they betrayed the chiefs trust. She told them that the Word of God has mercy and that they should not go unpunished. Because God does not overlook sin or forbid punishment for sin. So she insisted that these women should get 10 lashes.

Another moment to remember:

She met a man name Charles who wanted to marry her. But she said "I will marry you if it is God's will". They both had to check when the Mission board to see if they would agree to him work in the jungle with her. Charles ask "what if they say no, would you come back to Duke Town?" And Mary said no because her work for God in the jungle and told Charles "If God does not send you in the jungle with me, then you must do your work and I must do my work where we have been planted".

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Godly Women From the Past (Susanna Wesley part 2)

Quotes From Susanna Wesley

Lessons to to be learn
When she told her daughter not to do something, her daughter did not listen. It was late and she and her mother were sitting beside a dead fire. Her mother said to her: "Pick up that bit of coal." "I don't want to," said the girl. "Go on," said her mother. "The fire is out, it won't burn you." "I know that," said the girl. "I know it won't burn me but it will blacken my hands." "Exactly," said Susannah Wesley. "That thing which you wish to do won't burn, but it will blacken. Leave it alone."

Susanna defintion of sin:

"whatever weakens your reason, impairs the tenderness of your conscience, obscures your sense of God, or takes off your relish of spiritual things; in short, whatever increases the strength and authority of your body over your mind, that thing is sin to you, however innocent it may be in itself."

"Help me, Lord, to remember that religion is not to be confined to the church... nor exercised only in prayer and meditation, but that every where I am in Thy Presence"

Susanna Wesley before she died :
"On the date of 30th July 1742, on her death bed. One of her daughters Anne, recorded in a letter to Charles that her mother said, My dear Saviour, are you come to help me in my extremity at last. Anne continues, We stood round her bed and fulfilled her last request, uttered a little before she lost her speech, 'Children as soon as I am released, sing a psalm of praise to God'.
"There are two things to do about the gospel. Believe it and behave it."

"You, O Lord, have called us to watch and pray. Therefore, whatever may be the sin against which we pray, make us careful to watch against it, and so have reason to expect that our prayers will be answered. In order to perform this duty aright, grant us grace to preserve a sober, equal temper, and sincerity to pray for your assistance. Amen."

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Godly Women From The Past (Susanna Wesley part 1)


Susanna Wesley

Born in January of 1669, was the youngest of 25 children to Rev. Dr. Samuel Annesley, a noted scholar, beloved clergyman, a mentor to young seminarians, renowned and respected preacher, and chaplain.

She met Samuel Wesley and married him at the age of 19 and became Mrs. Wesley. Togther they had 19 children.

Things for Susanna were not always good her house burn down twice and in one of the fires her son could have died but was rescue from the fire.Susanna had loss nine children while they were infants, and when Susanna dead only eight of children were still alive.

Her husband suffer from poor financial ability and he had been jail at least two times. Her husband left her and the children for a year because of a minor dispute.

A Quote to her absent husband:

“I am a woman, but I am also the mistress of a large family. And though the superior charge of the souls contained in it lies upon you, yet in your long absence I cannot but look upon every soul you leave under my charge as a talent committed to me under a trust. I am not a man nor a minister, yet as a mother and a mistress I felt I ought to do more than I had yet done. I resolved to begin with my own children; in which I observe, the following method: I take such a proportion of time as I can spare every night to discourse with each child apart. On Monday I talk with Molly, on Tuesday with Hetty, Wednesday with Nancy, Thursday with Jacky, Friday with Patty, Saturday with Charles.”

Mrs. Wesley was the one who educated her children and her homeschooling was as long as six hours. Susanna was a woman of God that regulated her house and establish order and priorities order to live a useful life. Her family woke up in the wee hours in the morning and for the hours to come the children were assigned to specific activities.

For each day of the week she set a time to spend time with each child of her own. During these hours she would get to them know them as an individual and wanted to teach them about the Lord and make sure they were growing in their faith.

When her husband was away in London, Mrs. Wesley started afternoon service that her and her children would sing pslams, and would either read short seromens from her husband or father.

Even when her children left the home, she wrote them letters of encourgement to follow Jesus Christ.

Susanna Wesley wrote meditations and scriptural commentaries for her own use. She wrote extended commentaries for instance on the Apostles Creed, the Lord's Prayer, the Ten Commandments. Alas many of these were lost in the rectory fire, but many survive."

Note: Later I will post quotes by Susanna

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