Sunday, April 13, 2008

Those Days

I loved it when there were times I could be alone with God for hours and never get tried. I loved that as the day went on I would jot a list of things I wanted to talk to God about. I loved the quiet moments in life and the times I would meditate on the Lord and His Word. My desire is to never let my life get so full that I never had a chance when I could just be alone with God. There are times when I do let the fullness of this life get all of my focus and form then on my life is out of control. I feel like there is no order in my life (when those busy days come). I am afraid that I will let months go by, get so wrap around the world that I will lose the importance of life. My Savior is the most important thing and I need to put Him first before all things. I’m not saying that other things are not important, I just saying that God comes first in the morning and then the other stuff. I want to get everything in order but I feel so out of order that I just don’t know how the get things back on the right track. I need prayer that I will be diligent in everything and that I won’t get so wrap up in the world. I want to be close to God, I don’t want to ever feel spiritual dry. In those tough days I want to get closer to God; to lean on Him.

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Elspeth said...

We all have days when we let the fullness of life distract us. Pray in the car, while you're washing dishes, etc. And take advantage of the moments when you can spend time with God uninterrupted. As a mom of 5, I know exactly what you mean. Time alone is a rarity for me, but I just do the best I can.

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