Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mission to Chinatown

I recently went on a mission trip to Chinatown; at my college we call it “Missions on the Shoestring. In which our college reaches out to other communities like Philadelphia, Manhattan, and the Bronx, I have never been on a mission trip so I took this opportunity to go to Chinatown, it wasn’t overseas but it was similar. Some of the students and I stayed at Chinese church and from than on the trip was amazing. I learn so much about the Chinese culture. I saw many Buddhist temples that unbelievers worship their god, we ate their traditional food (ducks feet, chicken feet, noodles, and many more I can’t name them all). We had the opportunity to reach out the people of Chinatown; it was pretty hard to talk to them because many of them did not speak English, but we did not give up. We prayed for them and ask that the Lord would give us more chances to reach out to them. We prayed that the Lord will draw Himself nearer to them and save them. This mission trip has shown me the importance of reaching the people about the Gospel and to never give up. I pray that the Lord will give me the boldness to reach people from all backgrounds about Gospel.

In front of the Chinese Evangel Mission Church

Having our Bubble Tea

Hot Pot Diner Playing with the kids

Ladies talking a man

Buddist Temple

Everyone having fun

Ducks Feet

The Guys

The girls (Me in black shirt)



Elspeth said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful experience! The pictures are wonderful.

Asia said...

Yes, I had so much fun,it was so amazing of the stuff the chinese eat on a daily bases. I could eat and eat and not get full. SO fun and awesome to have an opportunity to reach to the people

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