Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Wonderful Week

I had the opportunity to go visit my sisters in Christ this past Friday, in Maryland. I had a great time and I am grateful my sister invited me and brought my ticket. I went to their church for a Proverbs class and I just loved it. The pastor wife went through some chapters in Proverbs. What really stood out to me was the fear of the Lord, I feel sometimes as though I don't fear God because I seem to keep turning back to my sin. But I have been on my knees praying that I will have godly fear of the Lord. I really love the Book of Proverbs it has so much to say as to what we Christians should and should not be doing. Then later on that night I went to a single fellowship and was really great. We went through the book of James and we also watch a movie with Joshua Harris about being single. After the movie the women had really great conversations about being single. The next day, which was Sunday I had a great time in the church and the pastor gave a great message. I really can't stop thinking about his mention of false doctrines that are taught in some churches. For me I have been in one of those churches and I have left the church. I'm seeking God's face about that decision and I still wondering what I am going to do. I miss being in a church. I am been praying that God will guide me in me in finding a church that is sound, that is Christ center, and the has a loving atmosphere.

On Monday, I went to Washington DC to have a tour and it was really fun. I saw the State Capitol and other cool places. My sisters in Christ and I went to a Museum and it was such an exciting experience to see art and many famous black people. A picture that I will never forget is the one were Martin Luther King Jr. was in his caste and his younger daughter look at him with a big expression of I can't believe that is my dad.


cler said...

hey sis! what's the movie from joshua harris that y'all watched? i'm praying for the time i will come and fellowship with y'all.

Asia said...

I really don't not remeber the name of the film. But I will ask Chaka and get back to you.

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