Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Years

I want to say thank you Father for another year with my family. I really don't know what good and bad times I will experience in the year of '08 but I hope to remember to run to God and trust Him . I spent a great New Years day bowling with my family, my mom friend and son. I hope that I will have another great year with family and friends. I am very excited to looking forward to whats to come and at the same time nervous. I do hope that this year I will do things differently and continue to do.

I want to:
1) By God grace faithfully read the Word everyday. Mediate and apply to my life.
2) Start saying no to the fleshly desires. Start to get ride of things that I find my self getting addicted too (TV, computer, laziness, people, etc.)
3) Spend time with the Lord. Continue to seek his face about everything. Be willing to rest in him, be honest with him, talk to him, listen to him, and be obedient to him.
4) Choose to wear modest clothing. Try to help my brothers in the faith, around by ( helping them NOT to sin while looking at my inappropriate clothing). Try to treat my brothers with respect and and up lift them in the appropriate matter.
5) Act on God's word.
6) Treat my family with respect, love and care. Always uplift them. It is important to start to have a strong and healthy relationship with my family.
7) Encourage my sisters in Christ in the Christian walk. Pray for them and build relationships with my sisters in Christ.

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