Thursday, January 10, 2008

Biblical Womanhood in the Home

Today I finish a really great book on Biblical womanhood. The editor of this book was Nancy Leigh DeMoss and she and other women wrote this book.I am really glad I read this because it taught me a lot about things I did not know about. I figure since I am getting older I would read about biblical womanhood because I know that my mind can go for what the world say how and what a woman should be. I know that what the world say is totally different from what God says about His woman. And I just wanted to know and learn what biblical womanhood is. Since I read this book I look at things differently and I am glad that I do. Now I know what is biblical womanhood. I pray to God that I will by His grace live out the biblical womanhood and if possible pass it on to a young woman.
This book covers so many topics

1) The Glory of Womanhood as Created by God
a) Femininity: Developing a Biblical Perspective
b) True Beauty
c) Daddy's Girl: Knowing God as Father
2) The Challenge of Biblical Womanhood in a Fallen World
a) Portrait of a Woman Used by God
b) Portrait of a Foolish Woman
c) Pruned to Bloom
3) The Freedom of Woman as Helpers
a) A Wife's Responsibility to Help Her Husband
b) Liberated Through Submission
4) The Joy of Women as Bearers and Nurturers of Life
a) How to Raise Feminine Daughters
b) Nurturing Mothers
c) Older Women Mentoring Younger Women: Titus 2 in the Church Today

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