Monday, December 10, 2007


Abba Father

I want to first thank you for everything that you have done. Today walking, on campus I could not stop looking at the nature. I could stop admiring, all you made. Father I want to pray for all the children who are hurting, Father I know how it feels to be hurt but just as you have healed me, heal them. Father protect them and take all pain away from them. I am very sadden at what is going on in this world people killing each other, divorcing, fighting and so much. Lord change their hearts, draw them nearer to you. I pray for my peers becuase in today's soceity many of them are lost. Draw them nearer to you and save them. Show them that you love them and they don't need to want until they are thrithy to come to you. They can accept you now not down the road where its not even promise that they will make it the next day. In your Name, Amen.

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