Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I realize that

the Lord has been showing me so many things about myself this frist semster in college. It's amazing what the Lord shows his people about themselves and HIMSELF.

I learn about myself....

I learn that I need to trust Him.

Spend time with Him, and stop being lazy.

Have a compassionate heart

Continue to pray, do not stop.

Recieve Him

Let Him lead

He is Faithful

Be grateful

Prepare yourself

Love Him

There have been so much the Lord has been showing me. Many times, I cried at what he shown me because it is just so overwhleming. I do pray that God will continue to show me my ways that are not like his. The fact he even cares, make me cry. I want to trust God and love Him with all my heart. I pray that the Lord will help me with all my strggles and ways.

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