Sunday, December 09, 2007

Becoming Esther

I was looking at an article written by Charo and Paul Washer and I learned a lot about godly woman. It starts off by telling of the perparation Esther had to go through before meeting the King. She had to "learn the ways of the kingdom to which she belonged, she had to learn the manners of court life, the intellectual, emotinal, and spiritural challenges of high position". She basically had be be "transformed from a young lady into a queen before she could wear the title and fulfill the role". I learn that as a single woman that I need to prepared myself and learn the ways of the Kingdom of Heaven before God untied me with my mate (that is if he has one for me). I must be prepare intelletually, emotionally, spritiually by God, His Word, and talk to older women who have been prepared. There is so much to learn from this article. I hope women will read it at

I learn that as a young woman, I have all the time to get to know God personally and become the woman of God he wants me to be. I don't know if God has a earthy husband for me but I want and will get to know HIM. I think it is important that I get to know him and prepare myself for what's to come.


breakmysky said...

hey, My name is Katy.

I was thinking on this same article today that I had read by Charo and Paul and I goggled it to post a link in my blog! :) I came across yours and i was very encouraged to see you encouraged by these things.

anyway, I know I do not know you personally, but thank you for your words, sister!

Grace and Peace.

Asia said...

thanks for the comment, it cool to know that other women see that i am not the only one who like this article.

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