Thursday, August 16, 2007

Legacy Conference

From Aug. 9-11, I was in Chicago, Illinois at the Disciplining Making Conference and I experienced so much in those three days. I meet my sisters in Christ at the airport and I first excited to get off the plane, second to be able to see my sisters again, and third to know I was going to the conference. I didn't know what to expect but I was ready for want was coming. That night we went to the Conference and had to pick a workshop to go into, I choose Sound Doctrine were Arziel, Shai Linne and Tony were teaching the class. That workshop was so amazing I never knew I could learn so much in that specific class, I was so overwhelmed by all that I was hearing. I want to cry because I was never taught those things in my church. I knew my church was teaching me somethings that were not biblical and I knew for the first time in that workshop I was learning. I loved that class and will never forget what I learned.

I experienced something else I never thought possible, I meet Shai linne and Trip Lee in person. I thought that was awesome. I ask 19 year old Trip Lee questions about college and they were helpful. I was really happy to meet Trip Lee because I look up to him and love his music. I also learn through this whole conference about introducing myself to my bothers and sisters in the faith, but especially my brothers in the faith. I never knew it was important to talk to them and have brotherly and sisterly relationship. I notice in the conference that some of my sisters in Christ were reaching out to the younger girls and I was amazed. I know I should be reaching out to those who are younger than I. On the last day we went out in Chicago to go out and witness to people. That was really cool to do that. I learned that people are really hurting and sad that they won't expect Jesus into their lives because of the pain they experienced in life. I wish people would see that God is the only way and He will never hurt them. I want to get those who are lost in my prayers.

While being in Chicago my sisters and I went downtown in the city to take a tour. I must say it was truly beautiful place. The city was very clean and the food was very and I mean VERY good. I tried their deep dish pizza that was amazing, I just wanted more of the pizza. One thing I didn't like was the traffic, the traffic was something else. It seem that every time we got on the highway, there was traffic. I never seen anything like that.

Those are just some of the things I experienced. I loved being in Chicago and I don't think I will ever forget those three days. I hope one day I go back to Chicago.

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