Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and I pray that all the mothers around the world have a beautiful day and shown that they are loved. There are mom's out there that are great mothers and they will do anything for their children. I hope that kids across the world show their mothers that they are loved and appreciated. I believe that they need to know that. Some people don't have mothers and it really hurt them because they don't get to tell their mothers that they love them. There are some kids who don't show there mother love at all, but I pray that that will change. How can someone not show their own mother they love her? I pray that things will change in the homes of families across the world. I pray for the godly wife's and mothers that they know that what they do matters and that they are loved and bless.

I want to say that I really love my mom and don't know what I would do without her, she is a wonderful woman. I pray and hope she knows that. My brothers and I made our mom some breakfast and gave her gifts. My mom was very happy when we did that. I thank God for her.

My Internship

I started my internship on April 16 and so far it has been great. I work at a local children's center and I just love working and being around the kids. I hope to be a social worker working with kids that is my dream and now working with these kids, I know for sure this what I want to do. I'm learning how to interact with them, making them laugh and getting to know them. I ask some of kids questions and it has made me notice a lot about kids. They say what is on their mind, really nice kids, and easy to talk to. I have seen that kids do go through things but they handle it in a different way then adults, it seem to be easy for them to say sorry when they do something bad. So far this internship has been going well and I have find myself, it like I know what I want to do. As a little girl I have gone through many situations that made me depressed and lonely, and I hope to have a chance to reach out to kids and show them love and that there is someone that care for them. I don't know if I ever have a chance to adopt kids and bring them into a Christian home, with Christian values but I pray that my dream will come true.

Walking Thourgh Life Desert

I was listening to Nancy Leigh DeMoss on "Walking Through Life Desert" series in April, and it has been a great teaching. These series have made me prepare to what's ahead. Nancy series were about how Christians might go through things that seem to be hard right after something good just happen. For example, maybe a person has been in the God's Word and doing His will, but there will be a deserts we might go into. I never really notice that but I been through somethings when before I was doing good with God. Sometimes it might feel like God hate me or he is so far away. I have learn that I will go through things in life to grow as a Christian. If I never went through hard times I would not be seeking God or calling of Him. I learn a lot through these series. Also that everyone has a different desert than the next person. I believe now that I am ready and prepare. I hope to remember to call on God name to help me because I can't do anything without him. The series of "Walking Though Life Deserts" started on April 9, 2007 through April 20, 2007.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I read this book called The Little Red Book of Wisdom by Mark DeMoss and loved the book. A couple of things I like that was mention was reading a Proverbs a day for the month and I thought it was a great idea, I am now starting to do that. I have also been reading three Psalms a day (In that book I get to know God). In reading this book, I have changed how I do things, for instance I now try to write letters to people. I never really thought writing letters were important. Just knowing that letters can have an impact on people's lives make want to write letters of encouragement. I would recommend people read this book.

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