Monday, April 16, 2007


I live in a world where there is very few people to look up to. Someone who is positive role model. I don't want to look up to people who loves this world more than God. People who have more love for this world are enemies of God (James 4:4). I admire people who put God first, love Him more than themselves, keep seeking His face, and have wisdom. I can learn from theses people.

I admire Da'Truth a christian rapper out there for God. He seem like a good man of God. I seen a video of him talking about his wife and I was amazed, in today's world very few men talk about their wife with love. I admire him for that. I pray that all men will respect their wife's and love them.

I admire Cece Winans, she has a family, a Christian singer, someone you can tell love God. She is out there trying to reach younger women about God. Showing us young ladies who we are to God. I love that about her. I remember seeing her at the Always Sisters Conference and I love the way she talks about her family. Anyone can tell she love her family. I look up to her as a woman of God doing God's will. I love the way she presents her self, dressing modest. I just love her!!!

I admire Nancy Leigh DeMoss, she is truly a great woman of God. I have been listening to her on podcast and I just love the series that she does. I have learn so much. I think I am ready to deal with things that might come my way because of her series on the Bible. I love when she does her series on being modest and Proverbs 31 women. Last week I was listening to her speak on "Walking through Life Deserts". I love that series because when I am in a situation that seem to hard, I know what to do. I love this woman.

I admire two very young ladies I have come to know and they are Chaka and Eva. I love these two ladies. I like that they are representing God in their lives. Seeking his face.

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