Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Art Work

I want to thank God that I can play the piano, paint, draw, and take pictures. I might not know how to sing but I do have some kind of talent. I am grateful for that. I sometimes hear people complain that they don't have any talents or something that is cool, but I think that we all have something we can do or good at in life. Rather that be encouraging people, cleaning, cooking ,singing, being a good friend, we all have something that we should be grateful for. Being a good friend is what people need when they need someone to talk to. Or encouraging people can make someone day by just telling them that everything will be okay or some other words of encouragement. Like I said before we all have something to offer. No matter how stupid someone might call it.

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Anonymous said...

wow asia...lil sis, you've got me over here on "selah" mode. thanks for the reminder to appreciate the gift(s) that God has bestowed on myself...and to encourage the gift(s) within our brothers and sisters in the Lord. much love to you sis! keep on getting to know the Lord more and more! ~misha~

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